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Houston Non Invasive Treatments And Procedures

Non Invasive procedures and treatments in Houston Tx.

When it comes to reversing the signs of facial aging or enhancing your appearance, plastic surgery procedures undoubtedly offers the most long-term results. However, plastic surgery doesn’t appeal to everyone. Whether you just can’t afford the downtime and recovery or are hesitant to undergo a surgical procedure, there are countless non-invasive alternatives that can still help you reclaim your youth. Houston Non Invasive is proud to offer a full menu of non-surgical cosmetic treatments in our Houston partner facilities, including those that produce dramatic results with little or no downtime.

In order to provide the safest, most comfortable and most effective non-surgical procedures, Houston Non Invasive stays at the forefront of our field. Our plastic surgery center partners equipped with advanced technology and the latest products available to ensure you obtain the ideal outcome you deserve.

Whether you prefer to achieve your ideal look without going under the knife or want to compliment a previous plastic surgery procedure, we will carefully explain your non-surgical options and tailor a treatment plan just for you. Your skin type, aging patterns and personal goals are always carefully considered when undergoing any of our non-surgical procedures. At our modern facility, patients are given a rewarding and comfortable experience every time.

To learn which non-invasive facial plastic surgery procedures can benefit you, please contact one of our office partners today. We take pride in helping patients turn back the hands of time with minimal sacrifice to their schedule, wallet and comfort.


  • Double Chin – Roll of Fat under the neck hanging below the chin.
  • Stubborn Belly Fat – fat resistant to diet exercise or crunches.
  • Flanks – fat on sides of back above the waist.
  • Muffin top – excess fat that puffs out of the top of jeans.
  • Love handles – resistant fat piled up around the waist.
  • Doughnut or pooch – fat that lies around a woman’s navel, belly button and makes a hole.
  • Wings or Back fat – fat that bulges out around the brastrap in the back creating that lumpy look.
  • Saddle bags – accumulation of stubborn fat on the side of the thighs.
  • Banana fold – excess fat below the butt.
  • Chubb – Knee cap fat.
  • Cankles – when there is no distinction between the calf and the ankle.
  • Cellulite – on sides and tops of legs and buttox, that orange peel, cottage cheese looking fat that dimples and creates a bumpy look.

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