Ruben Stunner

Ruben Stunner is a professional photographer, content creator, author, studio owner, and marketing strategist. Ruben has worked with some of the biggest brands, companies, magazines, A-list celebrities, influential attorneys, doctors, plastic surgeons, and models around the world. At the age of 25 Ruben got the opportunity to produce his own cable Tv show featuring local events, models, interviews and celebrities. He was even casted in a movie “Candy” which played in theatres, and is now on Amazon Prime and other major streaming platforms.

That lead him to open up his own professional studio, (Stunner Studios) a highly recognized production facility in Houston Tx. Since then he has been able to work with many sought-after highly-recognized public figures both in the entertainment/ fashion industry as well as the corporate world. Ruben has produced many pieces of content for huge media outlets that can be seen on Billboards, TV, Magazines, top sites, etc. He is now an editor of different fashion magazines in the industry and at the same time shoots many top-tier talent in the fashion industry. Ruben just published a book called “The Marketing DaVinci” a guide to modern-day marketing which can be applied to both the entertainment and corporate world. Ruben has recently been featured in FOX, CBS, NBC, INFLUENCIVE, and NY Weekly about his collaboration with GUESS’ supermodel Estrella Nouri. Estrella and Ruben teamed up to produce a stunning billboard design which was displayed in Times Square NY for GUESS. They also went on to produce 3 more billboards in LA & NY with 2 magazine covers from their photoshoot at Stunner Studios.Since then Ruben has worked closely with artist Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs N Harmony with his music videos and their family YouTube channel JamTv with wife/ mom Jcass. 

Ruben Stunner In The Media