What Is A Chemical Peel?

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Chemical Peels are a family of topically applied, acid substances that are primarily, naturally derived, either from sugarcane apples or milk. These are applied to the skin in- office for several reasons. One; if you have oily or acne prone skin. Two; if you have fine lines, or three; if you have photo damage. This would include things like brown spots, or discoloration from the sun. The chemical peel is done in the office setting after a little bit of preparation and cleansing. The product is applied directly to your skin. It is incubated for a varying amount of time depending on what your practitioner thinks is the optimum, and then it’s neutralized. What can you expect afterward? The main thing dermatologists tell people, is to make sure you do not go in the sun immediately after a peel, because it can really promote a sunburn and also promote an adverse reaction. Other than that you may have just a little bit of fine peeling or a little bit of mild redness, but nothing that should keep you at home, or create any significant amount of downtime. The main benefit is that you will have a radiant glow, and also have a freshness to your skin. You will have a product that fundamentally changes the undersurface of your skin by promoting new collagen deposition by shrinking your pores and by minimizing sebum production.

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